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What makes a good lead trumpet player?

The purpose of this site is to demonstrate techniques and examples of great lead trumpet playing. My hope is that this page will be a resource for those wanting to learn more about the art of lead trumpet performance.

There are many facets to playing lead trumpet as an artist. You must have the following:

  1. A good concept of time
  2. Good intonation
  3. A concept of style
  4. A good sound and projection
  5. Must be efficient and use the proper equipment that fits the job at hand

Many beginning lead trumpet players have struggled with time in the upper register when they perceive a passage to be difficult. Due diligence must be paid to playing in time through all registers of the instrument.

LISTEN to all different styles of music with lead trumpet players. Examples… Big Band: Stan Kenton, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Buddy Rich, Glen Miller, Tommy Dorsey, etc. Commercial: Movie Scores, Pop, Tower of Power, Prince, KC and the Sunshine Band, etc… There are even style differences between East cost and West cost musicians.

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